The answers to all your frequently asked questions should be here. If they aren't, head over to my instagram page and drop me a message and I will respond as soon as possible.



When will I receive my order?

Please allow for a 3 week turn around unless agreed otherwise


What courier do you use?

We currently use Royal Mail and Parcelforce depending on the size of parcel. For bulk orders they may sometimes be Fedex.


Care Guide 

When my pampas arrives can I leave it in the box until I use it?

Yes it will be fine, it doesn't need sunlight like a plant. Or water like fresh flowers. All my flowers are dried or preserved and so leaving them in the box for a little longer will not harm them. Just don't squish them to avoid breaking any stems.


How do I fluff my pampas?

Apply heat using a hair dryer and 

To be honest, once you get it in your warm house in a vase/ bucket and out of its packaging, it will fluff up naturally. If you were to display in a cool room it may close up again. 

You can take a hair dryer and run the heat up and down the plume.


Is there anything I need to do with my flowers before displaying them?

Do NOT get them wet. With your pampas grass I would take them outside every 6 months or so and give them a little shake to remove any dust collected over time, but aside from that, they are good to go. Some people spray them with hairspray to stop excess shedding. I have never done this, this is personal preference.